We Connect Africa

The Ngoryisi Group connects over 6 million people in Africa to the network, tools and knowledge they need to empower themselves and their communities.

We build afrocentric mobile brands to empower individuals, communities, and countries to catalyze progress through communication and informed actions

Who We Are

NGORYISI is a platform for afrocentric brands covering a variety of fields. With years of experience on the ground and as the biggest pan-African online platform, we have evolved to become Africa's hub for communicating on key topics around health, human rights, governance and financial literacy.

To reach as many people as possible, we combine strategic communication campaigns with a series of digital touchpoints and a unique mix of social media and mobile applications. Our approach has allowed us to expand our community to over 6 million people across 45 countries over the last 2 years.

Our Work

The success of our work is defined by a series of factors. Building on a systemic approach, each brand is still unique in character. Some of the work we have done so far includes:

Right for Education is a learning portal for Sub-Saharan Africa, publishing educational material for students of all ages. With over 20 years of on-the-ground experience at its back, Right for Education’s online presence reflects the real lives of the people it reaches . Right for Education is the forefront of dialogue with Sub-Saharan Africa and the people who will give it a voice.

Afrikan Gallery publishes photos by African photographers through social media channels. It promotes the work of these individuals and works to establish a network for like-minded individuals to meet and share the narrative of their work, with each other and the world at large. Photography needs no translation; the message just clicks.

Rapid Growth

A trusted voice in a continent full of potential.

Large Market

Products that reach, are read and shared by people in over forty-five countries.

Social Insights

Social insights where data is still lacking.


Dynamic two-way communication with those who will shape Africa’s future.

Digital Strategy

Multichannel digital strategy to suit a complex and under-serviced market.

Our Expertise

Thought Leadership

A successful relationship works both ways. We listen to our audience and respond accordingly, which is why we are efficient in communicating with communities in Africa from cities to rural areas.


Our community responds to our content because we take an Afrocentric approach. Our work is published within an African cultural context to provoke discussion and dialogue for individuals, families and communities who see themselves represented therein.


Internet access is increasing in Sub-Saharan Africa for the new, paperless generation that works purely on digital channels. Our content is tailored to the technological landscape of our audience, ensuring the best experience and lowered costs for users.


We are an independent foundation, working only for our community of followers. Our content is checked, referenced and packaged for transparency without association with any religious or political organisations.

Psychology of learning

Knowledge flourishes in a community. Ngoryisi's platforms encourage followers to share their knowledge and work on our network, to facilitate learning for all. For those who want to learn, we offer a borderless space for discussion on matters with pan-African relevance. Our audience can take control of their learning and share it.

Our Partners

We wouldn’t be able to do what we do without the support of the organizations and individuals that help us in reaching the greatest impact possible. Join organizations such as: